Pillows and Rugs

Feather Pillows Sanitized

Revitalize and add life to your feather pillows.
Our pillow specialists will clean and sanitize your feathers, discard old
ticking and replace it with a beautiful new feather-proof ticking (outer-cover).
We can add new feathers or pure down to add more body at additional cost.
Sizes from regular to king.

On your next visit bring in your feather pillows, too.

Area Rugs Cleaned

We can help brighten up your floors for that special occasion or for no special reason at all.

We can clean and revitalize your area rugs, large and small.
Don’twait too long…Oftentimes area rugs receive the most rugged wear. If the soil is too heavily
imbedded into the fibers, the fibers can be damaged and may shred or tear when soil is removed.

On your next visit bring in your area rugs.