Preserving Your Wedding Gown

Natural cleaning will minimize the yellowing with age that sometimes occurs even when careful consideration of storage is given to the gown.

Wedding Gown Storage

  • When you take your gown home, store it in a cool dry place.
  • Don’tstore it in the attic. Attic heat could promote yellowing of the fabric.
  • Don’tstore it in the basement. The dampness of a basement could promote the growth of mildew.

Unfortunately, no process or storage
method yet known can absolutely guarantee against possible yellowing or deterioration
of textile fibers during extended storage.

If you choose to have your gown packed
in a special box, this will aid in storage. This is a convenient way for
you to not only store your gown, but it offers some protection from dust,
dirt, insects and other contaminant’s in the air. These boxes are made up
of an inner paper box into which the gown is packed and carefully stuffed
with acid free tissue paper. The box is then sealed with tape and closed
with a cover/lid. Opening this cover/lid will allow a peak at your dress
through the paper window without disturbing the seal.

Storage of the Wedding Gown in a Closet

If you are storing a long gown on a
hanger, it is a good idea to sew straps to the waistline of the dress. This
will relieve pressure on the shoulders from the weight of the skirt. These
straps should be a little shorter than the dress bodice. Use a padded hanger
covered in fabric, not a wire or foam padded hanger. Wrap the gown in a protective
white sheet or muslin covering. Do not use a plastic bag for long-term storage.
Plastic can trap heat and moisture.

Over the Years

Even after your gown is carefully stored,
inspect it again from time to time. If the gown was boxed, carefully open
the seal and reseal or tape after inspection. An occasional inspection will
assure you that your gown is not becoming damp or suffering from heat exposure.
Many fabrics have a natural tendency to yellow with age. Sometimes this type
of yellowing can be overcome if naturally cleaned and gently bleached. This
is not always possible however, depending on the type of fabric, the trim,
and the age and condition of the garment. Natural Cleaners must evaluate
each case individually. Even if an heirloom has been damaged over time, it
can often be restored.

Your wedding gown is worth the
attention you give to its selection and care, both before and after the wedding.