Summarized Price List

Natural Cleaners offers straight pricing. We do not charge extra for fabric types such as silk, cotton, rayon, etc.
We do not charge by gender. 10% Dry Cleaning Discount for Gold Club Members.

Laundered Shirts $1.89  
Folded Shirts $2.29  
Polo Men/Women $2.95  
Pants $7.47  
Sweaters/Skirts $7.47  
Blouses/Shirts $7.47  
Blazers/Sport Coats $7.47  
2-Pc Suits $14.93  
Dresses $14.93  
Coats $11.98 and up Priced by length, down-filled
Blankets and Bedspreads $18.20 and up Priced by size (twin, double, queen, king, down-filled)
Leather Coats $41.50 to $65.50 Priced by length (pile-lined extra)

Wedding Gowns

  • Cleaned and preserved from $220.00 to $260.00 (depending on layers, length of train, beads and sequins)
  • Press only…..Deduct 30% from above prices
  • Press only Wedding Gowns…..$100.00

We also offer in-house shirt laundry, leather and suede, in-house seamstress, feather pillows sanitized, draperies,
wedding gowns cleaned and heir-loomed, in addition to dry/natural cleaning. Feel free to call for additional prices.