Suede and Leather Cleaning Services

No fabric has the appeal of a top quality fine leather or suede garment. Whether the style is sporty, casual or formal,
Natural Cleaners can professionally clean your leather or suede, THE SAFE AND NATURAL WAY. A leather or
suede garment is a major investment, so it is important to choose it carefully and care for it wisely.

Proper care begins at home. To get the maximum life from your garment, wear a scarf to protect the collar area
from perspiration and body oils. If the garment gets wet, let it air-dry away from heat. Store in a cool ventilated area. Leather
can dry out if exposed to dry heat, or mildew if stored in a hot humid environment. Do not store leather in a plastic bag. If soil
or staining occurs, take the garment to Natural Cleaners, your professional leather cleaner, as soon as possible. Stains that are old and set
cannot always be removed safely. Do not try to remove spots at home because damage can easily occur.

What to expect after cleaning

Although cleaning technologies for leather
and suede are constantly improving, some changes will almost always
result from the cleaning process. The following gives you an idea
of what to expect.

Variations among the garment’s sections.

Leather garments are made from skins taken from various portions
of the animal and usually from several different animals. The manufacturer
tries to match the skins as uniformly as possible, but even the
best matching may still show some variance in texture, weight, and
color uniformity. These may be accentuated after cleaning.

Loss of color and oils. Be prepared for a slight variance in
the depth of color after cleaning. Skins from various parts of the
animal may have different colorfastness. During dry cleaning some
of the oils used in the tanning process to keep leather supple may
be lost.

Scar tissue and vein marks. Tanners often use fillers before
dyeing to mask any scar tissue or imperfections on the leather.
Cleaning may remove some of the fillers and cause the defects

Wrinkles. Skins taken from certain parts of an animal are naturally wrinkled
and have been stretched during manufacturing to achieve a smooth
appearance. The agitation of cleaning can relax the leather, accentuating
the wrinkles.

Texture and Shading Changes. Manufacturers sometimes combine a
smoother skin with a coarser-textured skin. Cleaning may make this
more apparent. Different textures also may vary in how they absorb
the fat liquors and additives in the cleaning process, resulting
in some areas being darker than others. It is a natural phenomenon
beyond the control of the cleaner.

Shrinkage. Although some shrinkage is likely to occur over time as
the skins relax, this may be accentuated in cleaning. As you wear
your garment this snugness should dissipate. If the skins have been
over stretched during manufacture, they may relax.